Residency and Immigration

Our firm has Uruguay’s largest immigration and relocation practice, thanks to its international experience and bilingual staff. The firm’s dedicated immigration practice handles hundreds of permanent and temporary resident permits every year on behalf of corporate and individual applicants moving to Uruguay. Our partners are regularly invited to speak at relocation conferences worldwide, and collaborate with published articles in the field on a permanent basis.

As a way to provide seamless service to corporate clients moving permanent or temporary staff and executives to Uruguay, as well as to individuals and private investors moving into the country, our firm assists with the practical aspects of relocating: filing for residency permits, importing personal belongings and all related issues.

The residency application process involves properly proving the applicant’s source of income and clean police record. We assist in preparing the documentation, translating it, verifying that the required formalities are met, and submitting it in a timely fashion. Our firm’s associates personally escort the client in the two or three instances which require the applicant’s presence, at a government office.

  • Our Services Include:
  • Residency permit filings
  • Temporary residency
  • Permanent Residency
  • Reentry permits
  • Importation of personal belongings
  • Citizenship application
  • Second passport
  • Employment contracts
  • Banking

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