Advantages of Investing in Farmland

  • Increasing global demand for food
  • Consistent long-term appreciation
  • Annual cash return
  • Non-volatile asset
  • Store of value

Investor-Friendly Country

  • Foreign and local investors treated equally
  • No limitations to ownership by foreign buyers
  • No currency exchange controls or forced conversion
  • Foreign currency can be used: Dollars, Euros, etc.
  • No restrictions or taxes when transferring money into, or out of the country (repatriation of capital)

Stability and Safety

  • Latin America’s safest country
  • Tops rankings in political and economic stability
  • Tops rankings in transparency and lack of corruption
  • No social turmoil: existence of middle class and Latin America’s lowest income gap
  • Solid legal system with strong reputation for respect of contracts and private property

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