Key Issues for Investors

Investor Friendly Country:

  • Foreign investors and local ones: equal treatment
  • No limitations to ownership of property by foreigners
  • No restrictions to enter/exit the country

Business rules are Investor Friendly:

  • No currency exchange controls or forced conversion
  • Foreign Currency can be used freely: Dollars, Euros, etc.
  • Free flow of capital
  • No capital/dividend repatriation issues

Stable Economy and Rules:

  • Macroeconomic stability
  • Investor-grade

Solid Legal System:

  • Strong reputation for respect of contracts & private property
  • Independent and reputable judiciary
  • Corruption is not an issue

Private Property rights protected:

  • Constitutional right, enforced
  • No history of expropriations

Indexes (Latin America)

  • # 1 in Educational Index (Latin Business Chronicle)
  • # 2 in Economic Freedom (The Heritage Foundation)
  • # 1 in Democracy Index (The Economist Intelligence Unit)
  • # 1 in Quality of Life (Mercer)
  • # 1 in Corruption Perception (Transparency International)
  • # 1 in Rule of Law Index (World Justice Project)

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